What is Affiliate Savant?

Affiliate Savant is an affiliate resource.

Affiliate Savant is a small but growing collection of affiliate marketing resources for new affiliates.

Inside, you'll find The Beginner's Guide to Affiliate Marketing: a step-by-step guide covering the how-tos of building and monetizing affiliate websites. (Coming soon.)

There is no course to buy. You don't need to hand over your email.

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Affiliate Savant is a love letter to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Savant is the passion project of L.E. McArthur.

L.E. began building Affiliate Savant at the close of 2021, as she approached 19 years of running her successful affiliate marketing business.

Looking for new challenges and meaning, she decided it was time to share everything she had learned with others.

It's here at Affiliate Savant that L.E. will share her expertise and love for affiliate marketing and its sisters - SEO, CRO, and content strategy.

While AffiliateSavant.com comes together, connect with @AffiliateSavant on Twitter for affiliate marketing tips and discussion.

Affiliate Savant is an affiliate site.

This project aims to provide clear guidance to new affiliates, even if they're starting with little knowledge.

But it's also a niche affiliate site carefully designed with earning potential in mind. (Just what you're looking to create!)

Ultimately, the goal of Affiliate Savant is to lead by example. To teach the process of affiliate marketing on a site that serves as its own case study.

So, an affiliate site about affiliate sites. It's all a bit meta.

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